Jungian Psychology

Dr. C.G. Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist. As Jung learned more of his own way through experimentation and hard work, psychologically, he developed analytical psychology in many ways. His work continues to be developed by Jungian analysts throughout the world.

Jungian psychoanalysis provides a thorough psychological approach to life. For example, if you want to look at a problem such as substance abuse -it is not enough, necessarily, to stop drinking. An approach which includes looking at what attitudes surround a person’s drinking, in addition to what goes on below the surface are important. To put it in simple language, a weed doesn’t disappear without the root leaving the ground. Psychologically, a new way of being requires us, as human beings,  to get to the root of why we do what we do.

This type of inner (psychological) work is supported by your analyst. The rewards in the work can be numerous. In short, knowing one’s self allows access to more consciousness. More consciousness allows more life.